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Blue Line Properties was founded in 2017 by Matt Morrissey and Billy Parlon.  Blue Line Properties represents the development and construction side of the real estate business. Together, Matt and Billy use their integrity and skill set to transform older and outdated properties into newly designed luxury homes, perfectly suited for the millennial buyer. Blue Line Properties prides itself on professionalism and quality.



Matt Morrissey is an up and comer to the real estate business but has over 20 years of experience in construction and house building. Matt's leadership skills paired with his determined work ethic have helped launch Blue Line Properties onto the scene.


Billy Parlon first became interested in real estate during his high school years and after graduation, he decided to take some real estate investment courses. Although other interests took precedence at the time, he always had a strong passion for real estate.  Fast forward 25 years and real estate investing finally came full circle! With the help and encouragement from his wife Kristen and other important people in his life, Billy became a licensed real estate agent. He started his own real estate agency and investment company before teaming up with Matt to launch Blue Line Properties.

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